Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Event 1: Toni Dove Lecture

(Toni Dove conducting the avatar(s))
I was truly dazzled throughout Toni Dove’s entire lecture. The human interaction showing up on screen and transforming into the movement of the on-screen avatar is remarkable to watch. The technological advances that have made this project possible are immense. However, the technology is expected to become even more highly advanced over the years and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!
(on-screen avatar)

The emotion expressed from the on-screen avatars made it easy to feel a connection to them and relate to how they were feeling. The emotions did seem a bit dark for most of the performances though. The overarching theme felt dramatic, mystical, and somber. It would have been nice to see some more upbeat themes. But I understand that they are working on specific projects right now that focus on a specific mood, set, and costume design that would be difficult to switch up.
Toni Dove also showed us the Artificial Changelings project where the cinema is interactive and allows the viewer to travel through multiple different centuries. This works because the motion censor detects the human navigating from one section on the floor to the next, each section having a different function. By stepping from the third to last section to the last section and back to the third, we see the picture on screen vanish and an alternate century appears.
(example of an interactive costume)

It was also amazing to see the work put into the costumes. The way they light up and blend with the interactive cinema is beautiful to watch. I cannot imagine how many hours go into creating those extravagant skirts. But the results are definitely worthwhile!
(Toni Dove and I!)

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