Sunday, April 24, 2016

MedTech + Art

A patient wounded from war
I have never really considered medical technologies to be an art form before. It is interesting to look at it from this point of view. It definitely makes more sense to me when looking at plastic surgery, because the surgeon is molding a person’s face or body usually to appear more aesthetically pleasing. It is pretty crazy that plastic surgery has been around for 4,000 years and was being done as early as 800 BC. This was due to WWI because of all the new technology that allowed for people to be blown up and have chemical deterioration affect their bodies. Technology and science continued to advance with war and the necessary healing procedures that followed. 

However, beginning in 1990, French artist Orlan began performing constructive surgeries on herself, simply to imitate western art pieces.
Orlan with her art
This is such a strange concept to me. Designers would prepare costumes for Orlan to wear during her surgeries and music and poetry would play in the background. Orlan is also fully conscious during these surgeries. She intends to defy norms and argue against cosmetic surgery and Christianity. This form of art came to be known as carnal art. I was very disturbed during many parts of the documentary. The movie was very eye opening because I had no idea this form of art existed. Orlan exposes many parts of the body and surgical procedures allowing for a deeper insight into the artwork. However, this exposition was a little too extreme in my opinion. I find carnal art to be disturbing and over the top. Here is a video example of carnal art .

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