Sunday, April 3, 2016

Two Cultures

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I feel a deep connection to the topic of two cultures as referred to by Snow in his lecture "The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution". I have always felt torn between the artistic culture and the scientific one that seem to divide our population, which leaves me in the "third culture" referred to by Vesna in her piece "Third Culture: Being in Between". I have always loved art, but succeeded in math and sciences in school. For this reason, it was difficult when coming to college to have to choose between the two. Now in my second year at UCLA I realize what a significant choice it was because I drastically removed myself from the other sphere. I find myself feeling out of place on the science side of campus, but no one should feel this way simply because they don't specialize in a certain area of study. 

This separation is so embedded in our history that it remains a very defining characteristic of the world we live in today. Snow gives us an insight into his view of this issue. He believes that like the gap between the rich and the poor, the gap between the artists and the scientists should not lead to this large of a distinction between the values held by the two. We should see the value in both areas of study because they are equally important and influential towards the development of our society. I never realized the true
(UCLA creates a divide between north and south campus)
disparities that this gap created by distancing the two cultures until Snow's lecture pointed it out to me.

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  1. Hi Nicole
    I really liked how you explained the third culture and gave a self example pertaining to your education. I also couldn't agree more in regarding to feeling out of pace sometimes on the campus and believe that this should never be the case.