Saturday, April 16, 2016

Robotics + Art

(depiction of Benjamin Walter's theory)
Over time, mechanization lead to the loss of what Benjamin Walter referred to as the “’aura’ of a work of art.” What he meant by this was that as we continue to make technological advances that allow us to make copies of great art pieces, we lose the initial “awe” when in the presence of art. When the aura disappears we lose some of the art’s authenticity and significance.

I think this idea is well-represented in the movie Wall-E. 
(humans featured in the movie Wall-E)
The movie shows us a future where humans are completely brain washed by technology and do not care to see or do anything outside of their television screens. It is a depressing vision of a possible future if we become too consumed by our technologies. Too often today I see people walking to a destination and failing to look up from their phone screens even once. I am definitely guilty of this too. But what we don’t realize is we are missing out on the now and what is actually in front of our eyes. 
(photo of the Grand Canyon)
I really hope we can come to the realization that exploring and actually seeing beautiful things in real life rather than on our computer screens is worth the extra effort. Benjamin Walter’s prediction was correct; we are losing something important. If we take some time to go outside or to a museum and look around, the initial “awe” moment will pay off.

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